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School Community Council

School Community Council – Making a Difference in Your School
School Community Council members contribute to improving student achievement and school performance. Their purpose is to advise principals about matters that are intended to improve the school community.
Benefits to members of a School Community Council include:
• Learning about educational research and factors that impact student achievement;
• Being an important partner in the education system, whose views are valued;
• Contributing to the goal of improving student achievement;
• Having a vehicle through which to express opinions; and
• Being informed about what is happening at the school.
Roles and Responsibilities. The School Community Council:
• Is not a governing board
• Does not hire and fire the principal
• Does not control school finances
• Does not evaluate teachers or other staff
• Is not a forum for promoting personal agendas
• Is not a body whose members “represent” constituencies
Click on the iportal link provided to view Agenda and Minutes from our SCC Meetings.
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