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School Profile

Nānākuli Elementary School services the Hawaiian Homesteads of Nānākuli Valley and Princess Kahanu Estates. In addition to instruction in English, a Hawaiian Language Immersion strand provides instruction in the Hawaiian language. Students may participate in groups such as Student Council, Booksters (Library helpers), Robotics Team, Intramural team, Math Club and other school leadership programs. A+ after school care is provided by Kama’aina Kids for students whose parents are working beyond the school dismissal time. The school schedule includes an Open House, Student-Parent Teacher conference, and student led Achievement Celebrations. Parent meetings are held to support their child achieve academic excellence and for discussing the school’s Academic and Financial Plan. Parents are invited to special observations in the classroom and special classroom celebrations when students share their successes. Safe and Civil Schools, Morningside Teacher’s Academy, Singapore Math, Sopris West, Wonders and Kealaleo are consultants who provide professional development. Interim assessments and informal assessments are used to ascertain the students’ progress towards achieving proficiency on the Common Core State Standards and the resulting data is used to adjust instruction. The Response to Intervention System and the Hawaii State Comprehensive Student Support System are the school’s basic plan to address students’ needs. Partnerships with the Nānākuli Homestead Association, iSIS Hawaii, Lions Club, CROC Hawaii, Japan International Karate Center, Hope Chapel, the Waianae and Kapolei Rotary Clubs, Hawaiian Electric, University of Hawaii Tech Together, Big Brothers and Sisters, Boys and Girls Club, In Peace- Keiki Steps, Reading is Fundamental, Ko’olina Golf Club, Hands of Hope, and the Hawaii State legislators support initiatives for improving student achievement and safety at Nānākuli Elementary. Nānākuli Elementary is a Common Core Digital Program school and part of the Nānākuli complex schools 1 to 1 initiative for teachers and students to utilize digital devices for instruction, learning and assessments throughout the day. We were also recognized as a STRIVEHI recipient in 2010-2012 school year and 2011-2012 school year for meeting and exceeding proficiency on our Hawaii State Assessment.