Nānākuli Elementary

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Strategic Plan

Who are we?!

We are Nanakuli Elementary, one ohana, full of....

Aloha Resilience Culture Compassion



Nanakuli Elementary ! Belief Statements!

1. We believe that ALOHA is at the core of everything we do.

2. We believe that teachable moments are everywhere.

3. We believe we are the change.
We believe that our students are leaders of today,

tomorrow and our future.

5. We believe that all learners deserve the opportunity to reach their unlimited potential.


Nanakuli Elementary ! Service Delivery Philosophy!

1. One hnau
At Nanakuli Elementary, every person is welcomed, safe and secure—part of a shared

spirit and connected to our larger ohana.

2. Intention
Everything we do has meaning and purpose.

3. Focused
Our actions have one focus—the success of all our students. We decide our priorities

solely on actions that yield the best results for each and every student.

4. Innovative (“Enehana”)
We will do everything with intention by implementing engaging lessons and technology.

5. Confidence

We are confident in our abilities and strive towards our full potential.