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School Compact

**Nanakuli Elementary Learning Compact**

Together we are working to ensure that all students meet or exceed standards that will prepare them to be successful contributing citizens.

A graduate from NES will be…

*A self-directed learner          *A complex thinker                                *An effective communicator                  *A positive contributing member of society


School and Teacher 

We are committed to…

* Provide a school/classroom environment conducive to learning (i.e. school wide and classroom rituals and routines).

* Have high expectations and quality instruction with lessons focusing on the reading, writing, and math standards (i.e. Daily Reader’s

and Writer’s Workshop, and 1 hour math block).

* Gather and reviewing student data to improve instruction (i.e. pre and post assessments, reading assessment, class writing profile,

math assessments, anecdotal notes). 

* Provide continuous opportunities for students and teachers to identify the areas of need in reading, writing and math. The students

have opportunity to revise work that meets or exceeds the standards (i.e. student teacher conferencing, peer conferencing, whole

class discussions, independent work time).

* Communicate the learning expectations with parents and students using a variety of methods, (i.e. standard-based report card,

        progress reports, home school communication notebook, class rubrics, parent newsletters, class newsletter).

* Provide additional opportunities to help all students meet or exceed.

* Model appropriate behaviors, risk take and continue professional learning for one self.


Parent or Guardian

I am committed to…

* Provide an area at home to complete homework assignments.

* Support my child in meeting or exceeding the reading, writing and math standards.

* Communicate with school/teacher through the home school communication notebook, teacher conferences, and report card or

phone conversations about the progress of my child.

* Help my child meet the number of books read for his/her specific grade level.

* Participate in school functions Open House, Parent/Teacher conferences, Parent nights, Celebrations, Surveys, etc.,) that will

help me understand the standards that my son/daughter is striving to meet or exceed.

*Communicate with the school to work out any concerns.

*Teach your child to resolve problems without violence.



I am committed to…

* Work cooperatively with my peers in all areas on campus to create an environment of learning.

*Work out disagreements by communication, negotiation or compromise. Do not physically hurt others.

* Demonstrate persistence to learn by doing my work and complete all assignments.

* Do my work and complete all assignments.

* Identify the standards and strategies in the work that I am taught.

* Review and assess my work to meet or exceed the standards.

* Communicate my learning needs to my parents/guardians and teachers.

* Participate in service to the school or community.