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Student Based Instructional Websites

i ‐ Ready Diagnostic & Instruction is a research ‐ based online resource that combines an adaptive diagnostic, instant reporting, embedded progress monitoring, and engaging instruction. These components all work together to provide students the 1:1 attention they need to accelerate their learning. The program is available in reading and mathematics for students in grades K–8 (diagnostic) and grade K ‐ 7 (instruction).

IXL is not just about helping your kids learn math or language arts, it's also about helping them enjoy learning. That means encouraging them to have fun!.

IXL assesses your students' performance on each standard instantly, so you will have all the information you need to prepare them for standardized testing.

Headsprout wants every child to be a capable, confident reader!  We have developed a patented, adaptive instructional process to ensure every child learns.

DimensionU is a web based application that allow students to navigate a game like room while answering Common Core Math, Science and Language Arts questions.